Food somehow becomes a central theme behind all of Ray Eye’s hunting camps and his visit to southern New England is no different. Appetizing might be the last word that comes to mind when you take a look at what buddy Ralph Stuart has on his plate, but the mid-morning snack Ray served up was worthy of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” After all, where else can you get venison summer sausage complete with Missouri’s favorite cheese: Provel
Despite gale-force roosting weather, Eye and Stuart caught a hen-less longbeard crossing a state-land road and decided to try him.
Typically when you catch a lonely adult gobbler late in the season, you’ll be able to do something with him. With Eye calling and Stuart on the gun, it didn’t take very long.
Bird No. 1 of Stuart’s hunt was a 19.5 pound, three-year-old gobbler with a 9-inch beard.
Stuart with his first southern New England bird of the season.
Graphic Image Warning: Video of Stuart’s hunt
Double trouble!
Josh (left) and uncle Marty Cormier weren’t quite as fortunate as Stuart. On their first setup, watch as another hen-less longbeard comes in to Eye’s calling. (Sorry Josh) On setup No. 2–just a short time later–Josh meets up with two nice adults. Look closely at the beard on the strutter.
No one likes a show-off, but Stuart worked hard for his second-day bird. The showdown lasted more than two hours and ended 15 minutes before quitting time.
Ready for the check station.
Trail’s End…the perfect place to conclude a spring turkey hunt.

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Ray Eye comes to southern New England for his traditional last hunt of the spring–and nothing will ever be quite the same again.