Randall Dixon smoked this incredible 276 4/8-inch non-typical whitetail during mid-October in Saskatchewan. Taken on a private ranch near the town of Battleford, its 31 points and 6-inch-plus main beam circumferences make it the current No.1 SCI non-typical whitetail buck taken with a muzzleloader. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Here’s another monster buck from Kansas, this one is a 218 3/8-incher dropped in early November by Greg S. Brownlee. The rack scores 22 points, with an inside spread of nearly 21 inches, a left main beam circumference of 6 5/8 inches. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Perry County, Illinois yielded this massive 200 4/8-inch, very symmetrical non-typical for muzzleloading hunter Daniel Bugos. Taken in mid-November, this 18-inch rack spread buck sports five points on one beam and nine points on the other. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Triple drop tines and 24 scoreable points distinguish this 209 7/8-inch Kansas buck. Noted muzzleloading hunter L. Irvin Barnhart took it in Neosho County on the second day of December. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Larry Stephens worked hard on a cold and snowy early December day to down this 200-inch non-typical buck in Fulton County, Illinois. With only a 15 5/8-inch spread, this incredible buck has a 26 1/8-inch right main beam. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Deductions are few for this outstanding Iowa 10-pointer taken by Jeff Adams during the second week of December near the town of Maquoketa. A 21 4/8-inch inside spread make this one of the top muzzleloader typical bucks in the SCI record book. Outdoor Life Online Editor
This high and unusual non-typical was shot near Hurlock, Maryland by Thomas Barrett Jr. Taken in mid-October, this high-scoring 194 3/8-inch behemoth has 24 points and an inside spread over 22 inches. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Eddyville, Iowa is the place where muzzleloader Gered DeHoogh took this heavy-beamed 11-pointer. Each main beam length measures over 24 inches. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Any buck with 30 points is sure to be a whopper, and this Pittsburgh County, Oklahoma non-typical trophy makes the grade with a score of 180 4/8. Talmadge Smith downed the buck the day before Halloween. Outdoor Life Online Editor
New Yorker Bill Surridge toughed out a cold and snowy December hunt to harvest this beautiful 10-point typical buck, scoring 173 2/8s. The deer was taken near Kendall. Safari Club International (safariclub.org) has a staggering abundance of all types of game records, available for internet viewing in their “Trophy Records” section. Included are trophies taken by muzzleloading hunters. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Almost every state is stiff with whitetails, so many in fact that game departments throughout the country have initiated special muzzleloader hunting seasons. Better yet, gigantic bucks are being taken annually, according to the Safari Club International records. Here’s a look at some of muzzleloading’s greatest whitetails.