Bear Town PA

The Coudersport, PA firehouse bear check station draws dozens of area onlookers. Refreshments are served as bears are weighed and inspected by biologists. CHECK OUT DAY 2 HERE!
Volunteer firemen direct traffic into the firehouse check station.
For a few days, a winch and official scale take over the fire truck bays.
Coffee, donuts, burgers and other snacks help take the chill off the bear check spectators.
Meanwhile a bear hits the scales in the weighing bay. This young sow tipped the scales at 129 dressed.
Officers and biologists from the Pennsylvania Game Commission oversee the check-in operation.
The tote board tells the tale of the tape.
Hunters bring in another bear--this one a mature male.
After pulling a tooth in order to gain an age estimate, official weights help biologists gain a clear understand of the bear herd's overall health. This boar dressed out at 258.
More than 29 bears were checked by 3 p.m. on the first day of the hunt.
This bruin was headed for a date with the local meat processor.

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