Deer Boy Practicing for the 2011 archery season, my son Aaron wanted to ride the 3D deer target. -Chris Freyer
**Deer Drag Photo Shoot ** The Hooker Deer Drag Co., LLC had a photo shoot to help announce their new product… The Hooker Deer Drag. Check out this product (and more photos from the photo shoot) at -hookerdeerdrag
Coyote in Backyard This a picture of a coyote I killed in our back yard by our house in Guilderland, NY, which is in upstate New York by Albany. -krisbarth
Selma Alabama Gator This Gator was killed saturday August 20, 2011 by Clint Norris, Tag holder, from Sardis Ala., Blake Jones from Selma, Ala., Wesley Smith from Valley Grande, Ala., Crawford Henry from Pleasant Hill, Ala. and Wesley Siddens from Selma, Ala. He weighed 720 lbs. and was 12.8 ft. long. Killed 2 miles south of 6 Mile Creek on the Alabama River, Selma. -dorinorris
Snake River Sturgeon My friend showed me a Sturgeon hole where we catch 6 or 8 like this a day! -land_cruiser_73
Hand Feeding a Buck As a resident of Northern NJ, I have seen plenty of deer in the yard over the years. This past Saturday was a unique experience! I saw this buck and slowly approached it to take some pictures of his unusual antlers. To my surprise the deer didn’t run and was able to get a nice close-up. I then asked my son Anthony, 11, to get a picture while I hand feed him some leaves–unreal! -jhocco
First Deer Tradition They got me! Although it was not my first buck, it was my first buck taken in SC, so they let me have it. lol I also took a doe the same evening. Great day in the woods! -Angiemac44
Loco-Loco charters, Erie Pa. Great day of fishing. -danielc1050@hot…
Big Bass Dawson Sweat from Walterboro, SC gained all bragging rights after catching a 8.5 pound bass. The fish put up a hard fight but Dawson, 9, won the battle. Once the fish was finally reeled in we realized how lucky of a catch this was. The hook was caught on the gill not even in the fish’s mouth. Hope to have many more photos to share. -wendy frank
My Son Gus and a Nice Shed My son Augustus with a whitetail shed. I’ll say it’s his first and he’s sleeping after a hard day of shed hunting. i can’t wait til he can walk and really find his own. -montananative
Birthday Gator Hunt With my .270, I crawled up a dike & in the prone position spotted the top of a gators head-a quarter size target thru my scope. With 1 shot from 85 yrds I shot my 1st 9ft bull gator-He dunked under water and then a stiff back leg came up and back down as if waving goodbye as he sunk. My bday present was the hunt. My Christmas present will be a gator skin purse! -CaraMantovani
Fighting Bulls Tattoo I’m real big into the outdoors and wanted to show that with a tattoo and decided to get this one on my back, finding elk sheds and hunting elk is my favorite thing to do.
Monica and her dad was hunting on a double ladder stand in Waterloo, Ala. on a green field when 4 does walked out. After about 20 min Monica chose the largest deer and took it in one shot. She shot the deer at 50 yards and it ran about 40 yards into a thicket before falling. Monica and her dad waited about 30 min before hunting for the deer. Monica is 15 yrs old and this was her 1st deer. -mocarpenter
First Boar This is a beautiful 225-pound russian boar that I killed while me friend helped me film. I dropped him with a neck shot at 125 yards with my 7mm. This is my first boar and I killed him on a ranch in the U.P. of Michigan that the boars free range breed on. I thought the hunt would be easy but it turned out it was a 6 hour spot and stalk adventure. I now have a new found respect for pig hunters. -bigbucky96
Flying Fish This photo was taken ice fishing in Idaho 2/6/11. -grant killoy
1st Buck an 8 pointer This is my first buck that i shot on the day after thanksgiving in the U.P. of michigan. I dropped him at 50 yards with a shot to the shoulder with my 7mm Rem. Mag. He weighed 160 pounds live weight (130 pounds dressed) And he scored 90 points even. Thanks Uncle Pete for setting me up on a great piece of property to hunt! -bigbuck96
**Moose Anatomy ** This young bull doesn’t have much on top but makes up for it down low. -pafansaiw
First Squirrel Brady and I went squirrel hunting 1/16/11. We took our 3 rat terriers. We put them in a pet carrier, strapped it on our 4 wheeler and rode up in the mountain. We saw 3 squirrels. Brady killed his first squirrel with a Marlin .22 bolt action rifle. -donniepen
**Kim’s Catch ** My wife Kim caught this off the coast of Paradise Island in the Bahamas. -preeg
Oh great it’s another carp! This is my brother Jesse. We were fishing off a bridge on a dirt road and catching good size carp. -sketchy517
1****5 year old’s first buck (20 Pointer) My son Lucas shot his first buck November 13, 2010. A 190 Pound 20 pointer. Rough green score 194. -kcmaine
Dad’s Moose This is a picture of my father and I with our guide after he shot the moose as the second shooter on my tag during Vermont’s moose season in 2008. It was a small bull that was shot later in the afternoon, and in order to get it out before nightfall, eight of us teamed up with a nylon towstrap to drag this 530lb animal out of the big woods of the Northeast Kingdom. -vthunter
Here fishy, fishy, fishy! Brock Hupp, 3 years old, is waiting patiently for a fish to bite while fishing on Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park, South Dakota. -bradhupp
Pretty Faces I don’t know which one is uglier–me or the alligator. -seadog
First Harvest It took 4 shots but my son, Hunter, bagged his first gray squirrel with the .22. -paoutdoorsman2010

There’s nothing wrong with having a little red around the collar, in fact, here at Outdoor Life we embrace it. From deer stacked up in a rusty old pickup, to shirtless fishermen, we rank the best redneck reader photos.