OL readers had a great deer season in 2013. We’ve rounded up the 21 best buck photos of the year. If you have great photo and story from this season, please submit them to our 2014/2015 Deer of the Year program. If selected as the winner, you could end up on the cover of our September 2015 issue! Teardrop Buck
I was hunting with my stepson Jake late season CWD. I intended to push a doe to Jake when I spotted the big boy. I stalked him and pulled off the shot with my muzzleloader. Biggest buck we’ve ever seen! He scored 220 1/8 with Boone & Crockett. Awesome experience to share with my boy. One I will DEFINITELY never forget! -cowboy68
Saskatchewan whitetail in velvet
I had the opportunity to hunt with Echo Lake Hunts in mid-September of 2013. We had been hunting deer all day, but due to high winds we didn’t see anything until very late. After spotting this buck at 500 yards, we circled way around through the forest to get closer. We thought our exit point would put us about 75 yards away. Turns out it was actually 15 yards away. -Linejunkie
Thanksgiving day buck
A great way to end Turkey Day. This was the first time I’d ever seen this buck. It unofficially scored 177 3/8 and is a 15-point Kansas beauty. -Dmosier
2013 Indiana Archery 12 Point
My wife and I purchased a 50 acre tract of all woods 2 years ago that had been heavily logged and was grown up with heavy cover. After clearing an acre in the center of the property and planting Whitetail Institute clover this large buck started showing up every day on my trail camera. On October 9th with the right wind I put an early end to my 2013 season! -doans wildcat
MN muzzleloader giant
The opening weekend of muzzleloader season was coming up. Myself, not owning a muzzleloader, borrowed one from my friend for the night. My friend and I sat for four hours and didn’t see a deer. And then this giant 184″ buck came walking by and I made no mistake with my friends muzzleloader at 75 yards and he didn’t run 60 yards before piling up. -Seth Fresh-Country Hirsch
Back Scratcher
Tracked this buck all summer and early fall. As soon as he shed his velvet and began to grow his winter coat he started scratching his back with his horns. I have several trail camera pictures of this deer scratching away his hide, and at the time of harvest he was missing a very large portion of his hair. I was setup early with a decoy on a point near a bedding area. He came to my grunting and then noticed my decoy, ears back postured up. He came in to 5 yards. The calling and scents were key in his down wind approach. -wisenbach
Idaho Whitetail
I shot the first morning on stand at around 11:25 with my Bowtech Invasion at 30 yards. I saw six bucks that morning including him. I saw him at about 80 yards, making a rub and a scrape before he made it in. Hard to keep my composure for the shot. Public land in southeast Idaho. -Bowman83100
Dan’s Big Buck
I shot my biggest buck ever on November 24, 2013. A 10-pointer with a 19 3/4 inside spread. He scored 163. -Daniel Howell
Minnesota 9
I managed to get this buck on trail cam only twice. I knew he was in the area but wasn’t sure which trail he was using. I set up on a field edge and waited. Then on Oct. 1 he showed up at 45 yards in the brush! After five minutes of heart pounding this split browtine 9-pointer gave me a shot at 35 yards! -paulerola
Deer of a LIFETIME!
First found him bedded down through some thick timber. After he stood up, I took a shot. My scope was on him, but unfortunately I didn’t account for the branch that my barrel was lined up with, and missed. A few hours later, I was sitting in a blind on the other side of the woods and he walked out! I was shaking like a leaf, but dropped him at 200 yards! -ctothek
Biggest buck I’ve taken
This buck is the biggest buck I’ve taken in my hunting career. -Matt040404
DOTY: 11 Point VA Buck
An 11-Point Virginia Whitetail. 205 lbs, 19.5-inch inside spread, 21-inch outside spread, 5-inch bases. Killed 11/19/2013. -RCPDReaper919
What a birthday present! On October 25 (my birthday) a cold front rolled in. I was in my stand for an evening hunt and I watched four does feeding in my direction. Suddenly in the hollow below me I heard grunting and a big 8-pointer appeared. The ladies distracted him while I waited for my shot. Then he turned and it was over. What a birthday present! -H Fairbanks
River Buck
After hunting hard all season, many days from dark to dark, I rowed for twenty minutes to my tree stand on the river’s edge. Right before 8 A.M.,this buck came crashing across the river to run off a small 6-point buck that was chasing a hot doe. He followed the doe to give me a ten yard shot. -Jeff Laskowski
First buck
My 1st deer season started last Saturday, however it was yesterday that I found myself high on a mountain top seated between 2 down logs looking over a bunch of rubs. A buck came out,I couldn’t tell how big he was, but he was big enough. With one shot to the neck with my .243 he was down. A few mins later I climbed the mountain to find that I had shot a monster buck, the buck of everyone’s dreams. -Lana Michelle Artley
10-pointer Tennessee style
This is a big deer for East Tennessee. We had been hunting him for three years but none of us had seen him during daylight until this day. He walked out with a doe heading to a feeding area. She walked out first and then he followed a minute later. I was so shocked it was actually him. I put the scope on him and squeezed the trigger. He ran 30 yards and crashed. Biggest deer of my life. -chasew37
Colorado Whitetail
I first found the buck during an earlier pronghorn season on the National Grasslands. A couple of weeks later, he crossed a section of prairie and I was in position for a long stalk in the open ground. He bedded in some thick brush and I took him as he left the bed with a pre-1964 Model 70 Winchester in .270. He is a 6×6 and green scored 159 B&C. By far the best Colorado whitetail to date! -RDeFusco
The rut is a beautiful thing
After a disappointing bow season, I braved the wind and cold of a November Missouri morning and laid the hammer down on this mature buck. He was chasing a doe and I managed to stop him and pull off a good shot with the 30-30. He’s the biggest deer I’ve harvested in 12 years of hunting and a true trophy. -jwod63
Columbian Blacktail Western Oregon 23 inch wide 4×4 blacktail buck. -Eric Daniel Yoder
My first muley
My name is Shaylen Robinson this was my first time hunting. I just recently completed hunter safety in New Mexico and drew a youth hunt in New Mexico. I killed my deer on 11/29/13 with one shot. I was using a Rossi 243 3-in-1 combo when I killed my buck! I hope you enjoy my picture! -colorcopy
145″ Illinois buck
Harvested this deer while he waschasing does during the first Illinois gun season. We had a long trickle rut this year. -jraywheat

Outdoor Life readers are the best deer hunters in the country, and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Check out the 21 best reader bucks from 2013.