The Best New Deer Gear

The editors at Outdoor Life have picked the most innovative gear for this deer season. Here are the 13 items … Continued

Thunderhead XP (left) America’s best-selling 3-blade fixed head has been improved with a razor-sharp cut-on-contact tip and a micro-grooved ferrule for better accuracy and penetration. COST: $30 for 3
CONTACT: **Rage 100 (right) ** The nasty-looking Rage expandable broadhead flies like a field point, and its rear-deploying blades are guaranteed to open fully on contact with the target. COST: $35 for 3
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Gerber Carnivore Blood Tracking Light We anoint the Carnivore the best new product with the coolest name. If you shoot a buck at sunset, use the bright Xenon flashlight to find your way to the blood trail. With the touch of a finger, toggle to the Trax LED mode (in 7 red and blue combinations) to make blood specks shine until you find your trophy. COST: $55
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Scent-Lok Socks Wear these socks alone or as liners beneath wool in winter, and your feet will stink no more. The acrylic knit wicks moisture from your toes; the activated carbon adsorbs and kills odor. We just wonder why it took so long for someone to come up with them. COST: $18
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Cabela’s Bowhunter Extreme SST Parka What else could they add to this cold-weather suit? It’s already got Dry-Plus waterproofing, Scent-Lok and Thinsulate; tight-knit fleece with high-def camo in Seclusion or Mossy Oak; 10 pockets; and cool Lycra stretch panels on the arms and back so you can draw your bow easily when you’re cold and tight. Heavy and super warm, this suit is best for long sits in a stand come November and December. COST: $280
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Under Armour Mossy Oak The best base layer for hunting now comes in Mossy Oak camo. These microfiber tops and leggings wick away sweat to keep you dry, warm and comfy. Snug and loose garments are available for warm and cold weather. COST: $25
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Trophy Blend Scent Sticks Covers and lures are getting cleaner and simpler to pack and use. You can roll Trophy Blend’s apple or earth scent on your clothing as easily as using a stick deodorant. Apply the buck scent on rubbed trees or on branches near scrapes. COST: $10
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Shooter’s Ridge Stalk Stick Got a hunt in western Oklahoma, Wyoming or Colorado? Hike up and down steep slopes with this solid staff. When you spot a buck, simply pop the “V” rest up out of the handle, set your rifle on it and take him. The monopod adjusts in length for sitting, kneeling or standing shots. COST: $54
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M.A.D. Buck Growl Call A randy buck dogging a doe can make some weird sounds, like a deep, long growl. Ever heard one? This call (with instructional DVD) lets you mimic it. The tube also makes loud, sharp “contact” grunts, so you’ll use it all season. COST: $20
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Primos Cut Back Pak This set includes a compact pruner and a folding saw, so you can trim shooting lanes at your tree stand or build a blind with ease. The saw can handle thick saplings and branches, and the pruner can deal with the small stuff. Like everything Primos makes, the tools are top quality. COST: $30
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Cherry Hill Fast-Draw Bow Holder Here’s a simple little accessory that will help you hunt better, whether you’re on the ground or in a tree stand. Strap the Fast-Draw to your thigh and rest the bottom cam of your bow in the plastic cup; you’ll be able to hold your bow steady, ready and still for hours, with no arm fatigue. COST: $25
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The editors at Outdoor Life have picked the most innovative gear for this deer season. Here are the 13 items that made the cut, reviewed by whitetail wizard Michael Hanback. You can check out Hanback’s other reviews and opinions at the Big Buck Zone.