Outdoor Life Online Editor

Target Trigger

The red tab extending from the Savage Model 12’s AccuTrigger signals that the trigger pull is a mere 6 ounces. Precise trigger control is a vital element of good marksmanship, and a light pull reduces the likelihood of trigger “jerking” and other such accuracy-spoiling misbehavior.

Machined Floor Plate

Usually found only on high-end custom rifles, the machined-steel hinged floor plate on the Remington Models 798 and 799, with release buttons situated in the trigger-guard bow, was something we especially liked. This convenient and stylish touch allows the hinged floor plate to spring open for quick and convenient unloading of the magazine box.

Adjustable Rib

The easily set adjustment at the muzzle end of Guerini’s bridge-like ventilated rib changes the angle of the sight line with respect to the barrel. This makes it possible for the shooter to control shot-pattern placement relative to his sighting plane. Some trap shooters prefer the straight-away 50/50 alignment, while others prefer a larger percentage of the pattern to hit above the line of sight, providing them with an automatic “lead” for rising targets.

Detachable Bolt Handle

The crisply sculpted bolt handle of T/C’s Icon earned faint praise from our test team because its sharp edges proved more than a little uncomfortable during operation. We did appreciate, however, that the handle can be replaced by another design of the buyer’s choice, thus allowing the use of the stylish butter-knife handle for showcase display and a more conventional””and comfortable””handle for the field.