"I was a little iffy about getting a catfish tattooed on the inside of my arm, but when I thought about it, cats have been a running theme throughout my life. My first big fish was a channel cat. I catfished with both of my grandfathers. My wife was the first girl I ever took catfishing (in fact, she wanted a cat pole for our first Valentine's Day together). And my son was born in August... national catfish month! Too perfect..." Dustin Brown.

Barry Stevens

Want to send us your tattoo? Find out how at the end of the gallery! Even at 35, Barry still hides this tattoo from his dad, even though he got it as a reminder of how much he loved fly fishing with his father.

Mike Hoff

A love of Wisconsin, hunting and the right to bear arms are all represented in this tattoo of Bucky Badger holding a rifle.

Mark Yager

This tattoo is meant to memorialize the first elk Mark shot while bow hunting in 2001. He hopes to add a mule deer, antelope, big horn sheep and black bear to his back, too.

Shannon Jay

This image is of Shannon’s brother, who died recently. Long-time fishing buddies, Shannon got this to memorialize their time on the water together.
Randall Cook
While in the army, stationed in Kansas, Randall got this tat to reflect his belief in the second amendment. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Edward DePoe

After getting the deer head, Edward added the Winchester slogan believing that it is the premier ammo company.

Arnie Kirschenheiter

Arnie borrowed a drinking glass from his brother that had this image on it. The tattoo artist was able to recreate the image perfectly.

Mike Barrett

There’s nothing Mike likes better than to be chasing cow stripers and big, blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay. This ink reminds him of it in the off-season.

Mike Barrett

Along with tattoos of crabs and stripers, Mike got this boat, which is replica of his 31-foot Chesapeake fishing vessel.

Ron Wells

Ron’s wife hated tattoos, but surprised him at Christmas when she paid a local artist to do this image of “Mr. Mule Deer” on Ron.
Jim Dambach
Tattoos are for expression, so why express your passions? That’s what Jim did, showing his love for country and deer hunting with this ink. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Arnie Rudenick

For 30 years Arnie searched for the right tattoo. Then he saw the illustration for Pat McManus’s Last Laugh column and knew what to getÂ…this bear.

Tom Toth

Tom took a couple of his best shed-hunting finds and had the tattoo artist copy them.

Jared Goodman

This tattoo is a representation of a buck that Jared harvested in 2005 with a bow.

Phil Cook

Looking for something unique, Phil had a tattoo artist design this pattern with some antler sheds he found near his home.

Ray Woodruff

This turkey feather is on Ray’s left inside forearm, and Jake is his son’s name.

Aaron Krueger

A catfish fanatic, Aaron wanted some ink for the time he and his father spent running set lines on the Wolf River in Wisconsin

Name Unknown

As a 40th birthday present to himself, this gentleman got a tattoo to show his love of bow hunting deer.

Larry Mazzuca

Though this elk isn’t an exact replica of a monster 7×7 Larry shot in 2004, it’s close. And he’s kept his left arm clean of ink in case he shoots a trophy deer, too.
Albert Getty
Albert’s father hunted bison as a member of the Indian Service. His son got this tattoo in the style of an Indian pictograph as a tribute. Outdoor Life Online Editor

James Hunter

After his wife suggested he get a tattoo of camouflage, James collaborated with his local ink artist to create this image.

Rick Kruger

This black lab made such an impression on Rick that he had its likeness tattooed on his back.

Katie Nosie

This 10-pointer is meant to memorialize Katie’s father, who often took her deer hunting as a child


To honor his grandfather, the man who introduced Lax to the outdoors and trapping, he got this tattoo, which includes symbols of the trap line.

Scott Brubaker

Instead of paying tribute to the outdoors, Scott got this tattoo as a representation of the importance of the second amendment.

Ed Griffin

Just before opening day last year, Ed got this tattoo on his chest. All of the other hunters at his camp were envious.

Randel Hoffman

These tattoos are of a large bear and monster buck that Randel shot during the 1999 season in the same day.

Don Hudson

When a 1999 issue of Pennsylvania Game News arrived in the mail, Don’s son knew exactly what he wanted for a tattoo. The crouching mountain man with a flint lock was taken from the magazine’s cover.

Herbert Irish

For five generations, Herbert’s family hunted the woods of Maine. He got this tattoo to commemorate his ancestors. The image of the buck and the doe was a memory Herbert had while hunting with friends

James Rensing

At first, James just wanted a bear tattoo. He selected the grizzly and mountain background from stock art at the tattoo parlor. But that wasn’t enough. A few months later he returned and added the dead deer and a wolf.
We love this tattoo that outdoorlife.com user eburggraham got inked after receiving his concealed weapons permit.

Daniel Romanco

The centerpiece of this mural is a deer that Daniel shot with a bow in the cornfields of Iowa. Below it is a possum, because apparently, that’s Daniel’s nickname. The flying turkey is just an extra touch.
“I was a little iffy about getting a catfish tattooed on the inside of my arm, but when I thought about it, cats have been a running theme throughout my life. My first big fish was a channel cat. I catfished with both of my grandfathers. My wife was the first girl I ever took catfishing (in fact, she wanted a cat pole for our first Valentine’s Day together). And my son was born in August… national catfish month! Too perfect…” Dustin Brown
“I lost my mother at age 46 to cancer 6 yrs ago, my dad at age 56 to cancer 1month ago, and my granddad 16 yrs ago. This tattoo sybolizes my memories of them. The buck symbolizes my father he was an avid hunter and tought me all about it. The lab was my mother’s passion. She raised, bred and trained labs for 25 yrs. My grandfather had me fishing before I could hold a rod and reel. These three people are very impostant influences in my life and this was a way I could reflect that!” -Barry Green, Warrior, AL
“I got this tattoo about 2 years ago. I am in love with the color pattern that Mossy Oak uses. I have my whole house, my truck, my boat, my four wheelers… about everything dressed up in Mossy Oak. Thought, “Why not get a tattoo of it?” It does get alot of attention everywhere I go when I am wearing some shorts. Some people like it, while others cant believe that I have put a logo on my body for life. But those who are outdoorsmen understand the love and they say it’s very true– it’s not a passion, it’s an obsession.” Tommy Shannon, Glendale, KY
Dusty Skates’ turkey tattoo.
“The deer was my first, then I added the guns and just did the elk.” Joshua Atwood

Daniel Romanco

Along with his cornfield collage, Daniel also has a western mountain scene, which includes a mountain lion, a wolf and a big horn sheep. Not bad if you love the outdoors. We want your tattoos! Send us your tat and a story to: outdoorlifephotos@yahoo.com

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