Calm Before the Next Storm

The weather along the Mid-Atlantic coast seems to stay one step ahead of the rest of the nation’s tropical mess. … Continued

With a week of easterly winds, the water along the Virginia Beach Ocean front were finally a pristine emerald green color. This is what I call “king mackerel” water! So we grabbed my kingfishing rods, and headed out of the Virginia Beach Fishing Center in Rudee Inlet, and took a right to head south along the beach. After chasing off a few pesky sharks, including a baby hammerhead, my bunker baits were swimming perfectly. All of a sudden, I saw the rod tip bounce. I ran to pick up the rod just in time to see the fish drop the bait. I dropped the bait back, and twitched it a little. He then he came back and slammed it! Fish on! Outdoor Life Online Editor
The fish skied clear out of the water, and I could see it was a nice cobia. We chased the fish for about 20 minutes as I fought the fish on light king rigs. The cobia was released at 50.5 inches for a Virginia state citation. Outdoor Life Online Editor
I had plenty of pretty live bait for flounder, so we decided to hit some of the local hangs for some flatfish. I managed some decent fish for the freezer. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The following day was a short one, so we again tried our luck for flounder. We found some small flounder and a surprise, when hefty triggerfish ate live bait 4-times larger than their mouths! Outdoor Life Online Editor
What a beauty! Outdoor Life Online Editor

The weather along the Mid-Atlantic coast seems to stay one step ahead of the rest of the nation’s tropical mess. With air temps ranging in the mid-80s, the beautiful weather lured us once again to the water to try our luck in the bountiful waters off Virginia Beach, Virginia.