My brother Chris was visiting from Florida, so I decided to show him some Fall Virginia fishing. With a gorgeous forecast on the horizon, we planned an offshore deep-dropping trip, which has become very popular off the coast of Virginia. We also took my fishing buddies Darren and Danny with us. Outdoor Life Online Editor
We pulled out at 4:30 am and headed east about 65 miles, and started fishing in about 300 feet of water. I think my brother was in shock getting up that early. Danny and I dropped first, and hooked into something big. We each hoisted up huge snowy grouper. Off to a great start! Outdoor Life Online Editor
Snowy’s are great fighters. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Next, Darren and Chris dropped. Darren hooked up immediately with a big wreckfish. Next, Chris hooked into another nice wreckfish. We were allowed one more to fill our limit, so Robin dropped by himself. As soon as his bait hit the bottom, he hoisted up another big wreckfish. Outdoor Life Online Editor
We moved to a different spot, and dropped for some blueline tilefish. Once again, our rods doubled over with monster tiles. After tiring of bluelines, we took a run to the south in search of golden tilefish. Outdoor Life Online Editor
We began dropping in over 800 feet of water. My brother was not pleased with this. But, he was a good sport, and managed his first ever golden tilefish. An added bonus was a by catch of oversized blackbelly rosefish. These are strange-looking little orange fish that are excellent table fare. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Danny added a tile to our tally as well. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Chris also hooked his prize catch, a little chain dogfish shark, a small shark that lives in deep water. Outdoor Life Online Editor
They generally don¿t grow bigger than a pound. Outdoor Life Online Editor
He also befriended a little stow away bird looking for a place to rest. We had so much fish in our forward fish box that our boat was sitting a foot lower in the water. My brother had a great introduction to offshore deep dropping, Virginia style. He was worn out and sore, but he wants to know when we can go again. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Julie Ball does some deep-dropping off the Virginia coast.