Outdoor Life Online Editor
Carmichel took this Iberian Ibex when hunting in Spain’s Gredos Mountains with famed hunter Nicholas Franco, nephew of Generalissimo Franco. Jim Carmichel’s personal collection
On a successful morning of upland bird shooting in Wyoming with actor Slim Pickens. Jim Carmichel’s personal collection
Carmichel properly outfitted for driven pheasant in England. Jim Carmichel’s personal collection
Jim hard at work in his office in Jonesboro, TN– Tennessee’s oldest town. Across the street you see the historic Jonesboro courthouse, the scene of Carmichels’ story “The Great Jonesboro Pigeon Shoot.” Jim Carmichel’s personal collection
Carmichel with a big, big Cape buffalo– one of many he has bagged in his two dozen plus African safaris. Jim Carmichel’s personal collection
Carmichel with the hide of an enormous bear taken on Kodiak Island. Jim Carmichel’s personal collection
Carmichel with one of Africa’s most elegant trophies, the sable antelope. Jim Carmichel’s personal collection
Fearless Carmichel poses with 16 ft crocodile, which he thought was dead. Yet the croc came to life later as recounted in his adventure story “The Croc That Wouldn’t Croak.” Jim Carmichel’s personal collection
Carmichel making notes for an adventure story after a successful moose hunt in Alaska. Jim Carmichel’s personal collection
An exceptional gemsbok taken by Carmichel on the Kalahari desert. Jim Carmichel’s personal collection
Carmichel inspecting the dental work of the Kodiak bear. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Sometimes simpler is better. I love my high-tech fishing boat, but all it took was a good canoe and some paddle power to find nice size smallmouth bass like this one in a northern Vermont pond. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Cooking up a recipe for an early freelance assignment. Outdoor Life Online Editor
With my German Shorthair pointer, Duster. We were able to start hunting for ruffed grouse, like these, and woodcock, simply stepping out the door of our northern Vermont home. And there were whitetail deer, too. Outdoor Life Online Editor
That’s me with guide Ron Moser with a big Alaskan king salmon caught on freshwater bass tackle– baitcaster and crankbait. Outdoor Life Online Editor
A Manitoba northern pike in the teens that beat out a far larger fish that was trying to eat my fly but wasn’t quite fast enough. Outdoor Life Online Editor
A payara from Venezuela. These fish will attack virtually everything, though with all that dental work it’s often hard to get a hook well set. I think this was a side trip while on assignment to write a story in OL called “Kidnapped” about an outfitter who was taken by Columbian banditos and finally freed. Outdoor Life Online Editor
“At work” in California. This was on the trail of the big bass hunters. You need to sleep some time. Outdoor Life Online Editor
A peacock bass taken somewhere in the Amazon basin. Outdoor Life Online Editor
This 13 1/2-pound brown trout came on a minuscule #14 black gnat dry fly from New Zealand. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Saying goodbye to one key contributor is difficult enough; saying goodbye to two in the same year is downright painful. Both men, each after more than three decades of unfailing service and unflagging enthusiasm, are moving beyond their full-time duties at OL. We pay tribute to two of the greats, Jim Carmichel and Jerry Gibbs, with photos from their personal collections. Join us in wishing Jerry and Jim all the best in their retirement here!