12. Nile Crocodile: Jim Shockey shows his huge, dinosaur-like croc he collected from Tanzania. The 13-foot, 4-inch toothy critter ranks number three in the SCI muzzleloader record book. Outdoor Life Online Editor
17) Hippopotamus: Few animals are as mean and given to charge so quickly as a two-ton bull hippo, making it an especially dangerous target for muzzleloaders. Jim Shockey tagged this one in Tanzania. It has enormous tusk lengths measuring nearly two feet per side, with an SCI score of 57 10/16. It ranks 6th in the record book. Outdoor Life Online Editor
16) Feral Boar: Wild boar are mean customers and can live in rugged places. Don Oster got this big one in Argentina. It had two tusks each over seven inches long. Outdoor Life Online Editor
15) Water Buffalo: Standing five feet at the shoulder and weighing around 1,000 pounds, the water buffalo is a lot of animal– especially for a muzzleloader. But Donald Malson was good enough to down this one in the Republic of South Africa. It’s at the top rung of the SCI record book with horn lengths of over 31 inches per side. Outdoor Life Online Editor
14) Kudu (Greater, Eastern Cape): Few African animals are more revered than the elusive and majestic Greater Kudu. William Cummard got this number two ranked animal from the Republic of South Africa, with a score off 119 6/8s inches. Outdoor Life Online Editor
13) Collared Peccary: The feisty little collared peccary is 50 pounds of tough muscle. Don Oster shot this number one SCI trophy for the species in Malbran, Argentina. It scores 15 8/16. Outdoor Life Online Editor
12. Nile Crocodile: Jim Shockey shows his huge, dinosaur-like croc he collected from Tanzania. The 13-foot, 4-inch toothy critter ranks number three in the SCI muzzleloader record book. Outdoor Life Online Editor
11. Blue Wildebeest: The Republic of South Africa gave up this number two SCI blue wildebeest measuring 88 1/8-inches to Tom Fraley. It has tip-to-tip horn measurements of nearly 60 inches, horn boss widths of 14 5/8s per side. Outdoor Life Online Editor
10. Eland (Cape): This massive Eland scored an impressive 100 5/8s inches, making it number one in SCI for a muzzleloading hunter. Sam Monarch took it in the Republic of South Africa. This bull had horn length measurements of 37 4/8s and 39 2/8s, with horn circumferences of 12 inches per side. Outdoor Life Online Editor
9. African Lion: This best-in-the-world muzzleloader African lion fell to Art Dannenberg. It measures 26 4/16s and was taken in Namibia. Outdoor Life Online Editor
8. Kudu (Greater, Southern): SCI ranks this southern greater kudu as number one in their muzzleloader record book for hunter Don Ware. He took it in Zimbabwe, and the horns score 143 1/8 inches. Outdoor Life Online Editor
7. Black Wildebeest: Curving and impressive horns are the distinctive marks of this 400-pound black wildebeest. Tom Fraley shot this number one ranked SCI animal in the Republic of South Africa. It scores 94 1/8 inches, with tip-to-tip horns measuring an impressive 65 inches, and a pair of boss bases of 14 4/8s. Outdoor Life Online Editor
6. Cape Buffalo: Few animals are tougher to anchor than the very dangerous cape buffalo. Thick hide and tough bones protect cape buffalo from even the most powerful rifle bullets. Yet Jim Shockey was able to take this number one SCI trophy from Tanzania with his front-stuffer. It scored 122 4/8s. Outdoor Life Online Editor
5. African Lion: Young Andrew Martin used his muzzleloader to collect this oversize lion, the SCI number five in the category. The big cat scored 23 13/16s, and Andrew was hunting near Chifunda, Zambia, with Luangwa Safaris. Outdoor Life Online Editor
4. Brown Bear (Kamchatka): Scott Doxey headed to wintery Russia for this number one SCI Kamchatka or eastern brown bear. It has an impressive skull score of 27 13/16s inches. Scott was hunting this dangerous bruin with Bob Hodson of Sable Expeditions. Outdoor Life Online Editor
3. Nile Crocodile: This giant 14-foot crocodile was taken by Dort Bigg. He was hunting Zimbabwe, and it’s the number one croc in the SCI record book for a muzzleloader. Outdoor Life Online Editor
2. African Leopard: Noted muzzleloader hunter Jim Shockey collected this number seven SCI African leopard with guide Danny McCallum in Tanzania. The spotted cat has an SCI score of 15 9/16s. Outdoor Life Online Editor
1. African Elephant: Bradley Martin traveled to Ngamiland, Botswana for this heavyweight African elephant. The beast ranks number one in the SCI books for elephant taken by a muzzleloader, with a score of 135 1/2-inches. The left tusk measures just under the 70 inches, the right at 66 inches. _Records compiled by Safari Club International (scirecordbook.org). Outdoor Life Online Editor

The hunting world is a large one, and muzzleloaders are a big part of that universe. Accurate and potent modern primitive weapons have enabled traveling sportsmen to collect an amazing variety of big game animals in recent years, including some species that definitely are classed as dangerous game. Here is a compilation of some of the worldÂ’s more impressive trophies taken by muzzleloaders, according to records compiled by Safari Club International.