Scott Menotti captions this awesome trailcam photo with "who's gonna win?".
httpswww.outdoorlife.comsitesoutdoorlife.comfilesimport2014importImage2009photo7reader11.JPG reader shansford writes, “My two boys and I watched this fox squirrel walk around my dad’s front yard in Watkinsville, GA for a couple hours and then take a nap. This is a photo of him napping.”
Travis and Mindy McDaniel write, “This bird came in quick. He is 26lbs. The farmer told me he seen around 30 birds in his field around 7pm the night before. I was out there around 5pm. I called once and started looking through my Outdoor Life magazine when I heard a sound. I looked out my blind to see this bird “going to town” on my hen decoy. When he was done, he looked at my full strut decoy, jumped on top of him, and popped him. He stayed on top of my decoy until it was fully deflated. I had enough fun with him after that and took him out. With a little shoe goo and some therapy, both decoys are back in action.”
John Fitzgerald sent in this nice nature shot of a grouse.
Joshua Atwood on his tattoo: “The deer was my first, then I added the guns and just did the elk.”
Scott Menotti captions this awesome trailcam photo with “who’s gonna win?”
Twins Adam and Sean Konrad pose with the 43.6 pound rainbow trout.
David Crumely’s longhorn skull tattoo.
httpswww.outdoorlife.comsitesoutdoorlife.comfilesimport2014importImage2009photo7reader8.JPG user William Quinn Jr writes, “I work for the state of NY Dept. of Transportation. While going south on the Taconic State Parkway near the Philmont exit, my co-worker and I spotted the doe and her fawn 20 yards from the shoulder of the highway. We stopped the vehicle and the doe ran off a short distance and I was able to get within 10 feet of the fawn to get the photo.”
Reader Dean Mell’s brand new tattoo. He currently has 10 whitetail skulls mounted in his cabin, and plans to have many more in the future.
httpswww.outdoorlife.comsitesoutdoorlife.comfilesimport2014importImage2009photo7reader9.jpg reader HawgNSons writes, “Chase Simmons with Bowfishing’s NEW world record cownose stingray at a weight of 61 lbs.” Congratulations Chase!
httpswww.outdoorlife.comsitesoutdoorlife.comfilesimport2014importImage2009photo7reader10.jpg user dropjhook sent in a huge ram found in Lake County Montana. Dropjhook writes, “We had several local taxidermists score him and they all came back with something diffrent. We know that he’s high 180’s to mid 190’s. Either way he’s a huge ram.”
httpswww.outdoorlife.comsitesoutdoorlife.comfilesimport2014importImage2009photo7DSC_2110_2.JPG user huntinglife writes, “Took this great bear on an archery hunt in Pine Falls, Manitoba with Sandy River Outfitters. This bear bluff charged the stand and the bait for over an hour before coming out into the meadow and gave me a shot at about 16 yards. He ran about a 100 yards and dropped and it is the bear of a lifetime. I took him with a Mathews bow, Steelforce broadheads and Sitka Optifade.”
Andrew Bonadeo writes, “My best friend Mike and I went for a walk in the timber discussing the next deer season, and which trees we thought would be best for stands. Upon finding a few morels, we decided to pay more attention to the ground instead of the trees. We walked out of our now special spot with 85 mushrooms.”

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