Gary Rosenberry of Fannettsburg, Penn., killed the last buck at White Oak Plantation. This 6-pointer was one of many bucks Rosenberry took at White Oak through the years. His son and grandson took their first bucks at White Oak. Rosenberry's wife, Sandy, accompanied him on the hunt.
Sam the Wonder Dog, being ignored in the White Oak pro shop as customers come and go and the Pitmans take care of business. Sam became something of a fixture at the lodge, and always enjoyed showing off his ability to roll over, sit up and play dead at Hilda’s prompting.
There’s no telling how many beds Robenia Wynn made up, how many rooms she cleaned or how many towels and washcloths she washed over the years. Robenia worked at White Oak for more than 25 years–longer than anybody except Bo and Tooie.
The shooting house in the background is the first one built on the White Oak property. Though it looks rickety, the treehouse is solidly nestled on the spreading limbs of a large oak and still is regarded as one of the best stands on the property.
No more climbing ladders to repair or replace stands for Bo Pittman. He plans to rejoin his family on his ranch in southeastern Colorado, and spend a lot of time chasing Merriam’s turkeys, mule deer and elk from now on.
As sunlight ran out on the last day of the last hunt at White Oak, this 2 ½-year-old 8-point went traipsing down the edge of a food plot in search of a willing doe. He travelled the length of the 5-acre plot, then disappeared into the canebrake behind him.