90 Days of Giveaways Bass Photo Entries


Outdoor Life continues its 90 Days of Giveaways. We asked for your best bass photos this week and we received a collection of stripers, large mouths and smallies. Andrew Wallace won the contest and will take home a Heddon Zara Spook and Rapala DT-10. See his photo and all the other entries here.
Andrew Wallace with his personal best smallmouth and largemouth bass.
Melvin Stewart with a monster bass caught at the Natches Trace Park in Tennessee.
Cory Bousquet with a huge bass caught in Rhode Island using an Acme Little Cleo.
Mel McHaley
Dustin Brown with one of his largest bass.
David Zucker
John Migliori
Randy Adams caught this largemouth using a 4 inch shiner under a bobber.
Chris Jones with a 40 inch striped bass that weighed 30 pounds. It was caught in Smith Mountain Lake using live bait.
Terry Gowans
Randy Adams with a bass caught using a topwater skitter pop jerk bait.
Shye Tzadok with a striper he caught on a charter boat off the Hyannis Cape Cod.
Jeremy Robinson with a smallie caught in the James River.
Lee J. Schwartzenburg with a couple of smallmouth caught in Lake Roosevelt, WA.
Lydia with a bass caught on a plastic green lizard in Greenville, KY.
Bill Fowler with a bass caught on a fly rod at a Texas farm pond.
R.S. Breth with a smallie caught on a Berkley Powerbait Jerkshad from the James River.
Scott Staknaker
Curt Brown with his 3.25 pound bass. The fish is 19 inches long and was caught on a buzz bair.
Jeffrey Ulricksen
Scott Crabtree with his biggest smallie.