Zombie Guns: OL Reader Edition

******Editor's Note: With Halloween coming up, we felt like you all could use a nice refresher. You never know when you'll need to defend against the hordes of undead.****** OL.com's Guide to Zombie Games >> Shooting Editor John Snow's Zombie Guns >> Submitted by Aaron Spuler
Submitted by Ben Anderson
While these next few look like stock photos, they're still pretty effective! Submitted by CW
Submitted by CW
If this is actually Daniel D and his minigun, then we're all very impressed.
Submitted by Jesse Foust
More from Jesse Foust. Someone is QUITE prepared.
Looks like Joe Paolilli had a nice Christmas.
Submitted by Robert Fortier
Submitted by Samuel Larson
Shaun B brings us several shots of custom painted pieces that looks like they'd be from a Zombie Movie.
Submitted by Shaun B
Because you always need a sidearm to match. Submitted by Shaun B
Submitted by Shaun B
A wicked nice rifle from Wicked Good Outdoors
AND OUR WINNER! Staff Sergeant Jeffrey DeMent takes it to the next level with the BIGGEST GUN sent to us for this contest. I have a feeling he could take out a couple zombies with one of those rounds. What do you guys think? Let us know which of these guns is your favorite in the comments!