Outdoor Life is proud to introduce survival expert Tim MacWelch. Tim is a master outdoorsman who brings more than 23 years of outdoor survival skills and primitive living experience to OL Survival.
As founder and chief instructor of his own survival school (, Tim’s passion for the 15 years he’s been running his survival school lies in educating eager students about the ways our ancestors mastered life in the wild. Now he’s bringing all of that knowledge to visitors on OL Survival. Through videos, photo galleries and regular blogs, you’ll learn everything about how to survive in the wild.
Tim’s love of the outdoors started early, as a farm child growing up in the rolling hills of Virginia. Eating wild berries, fishing for trout, learning about the forest and enjoying wild game were an everyday part of his country life. This rustic beginning formed the foundation of the wilderness expertise he brings to his students through both writing and hands-on classes.
Over the years Tim has worked with the Boy Scouts of America, youth groups and summer camps, as well as adults from all walks of life. Tim has also provided outdoor skills training for numerous personnel in law enforcement, search and rescue, all branches of the United States Military and the State Department, along with other government departments and agencies.
Tim and his wilderness school have been featured on Good Morning America and in National Geographic, as well as in publications such as Conde Nast Traveller magazine, the Washington Post and The Virginia Sportsman.
Tim is the host of the world’s only live Internet radio talk show about 
wilderness survival and outdoor skills, “The Drive to Survive.” The show is dedicated to teaching the art and science of wilderness survival, emergency preparedness and self-sufficiency. Listeners gain lifesaving knowledge that will give them the best chance of staying safe in even the worst of emergencies. Every show is filled with insight, stories and information, culled from the collected wilderness experience that all of our forefathers knew.
Tim is proud to be a contributor to OL Survival and Outdoor Life. To learn more about Tim, his school and his radio show, visit

This survival expert brings 23 years of experience to OL Survival