1. With proper preparation, you and your family can live happy, productive lives as Rome burns around you.
2. Have sample food stores.
3. Glassblowing will be a useful skill after the collapse.
4. Learn to can and preserve fresh foods.
5. Have solid home defenses in place.
6. Take up rope-making to create a valuable commodity.
7. Secure an armory of weapons and ammunition.
8. Chemists who can produce medicine and fertilizer will be in high demand after a collapse.
9. Invest in a portable hand-cranked radio.
10. a) Backyard chickens will be worth their weight in gold. b) Grow a garden full of hardy, tasty foods


Tips and illustrations are from the new book Show Me How to Survive, which will be coming soon from publisher Weldon Owen. A NOTE TO READERS
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With proper preparation, you and your family can live happy, productive lives as Rome burns around you.