Here is our flashlight with a book of paper matches tucked safely inside.
Use the battery and steel wool to create a spark in some tinder. It’s usually best to place the steel wool in the tinder, and use the tinder to protect your hand from the red hot sparks.
If the battery is good, the sparks should fly right away!
Success! A flame kindled from Tulip Poplar bark tinder, some steel wool, and our trusty flashlight battery.
If you carefully remove the mirrored cup from the flashlight and remove the light bulb, you can insert tinder where the bulb formerly sat.
Get the right angle on the cup, facing it directly into strong sun, and it will smoke immediately.
Blow on the smoking tinder as you remove it from the mirrored cup, place it into a nest of more tinder and blow it into a fire.
There you have it. Now you have three different ways to make fire, from one simple piece a camping gear and a few extras.

Here’s three easy ways to use your flashlight as a fire-starting tool.