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The .22 is still our most popular cartridge–and with good reason. Few things can match the fun of blazing away with a brick of ammo at spinning, whirling and popping targets.

1 DIRTY BIRD TARGET Each hit is simple to spot thanks to the flake-off design. The red bull’s-eye makes for easy aiming. (From $11; 800-328-6156;

2 .17/.22 CALIBER BULLET BOX This steel box is designed to catch all softnose rimfire ammo. Consider it a portable shooting range. ($50; 800-252-9247;

3 MTM BIRD BOARD Sturdy clips pin clay targets or balloons to the durable plastic backing. Ideal for shooters who like targets that shatter and pop. ($20; 937-890-7461;

4 HOT LIPS 10/22 MAGAZINES These 10-round banana clips go in and out more easily than the stock magazines on your 10/22–an important consideration when burning through bricks of ammo. ($16; 800-423-3537;

5 REMINGTON 412 YOUTH MODEL Its compact 13-inch length of pull and a surprisingly good trigger make the new model 412 single-shot an ideal first gun for a young shooter. ($136; 800-243-9700;

6 BUSHNELL 3–9X32 RIMFIRE SCOPE This variable-power scope is waterproof and has easy-to-turn ¼ MOA elevation and windage turrets. ($50; 800-423-3537;

7 RUGER 10/22 The king of the .22 autoloaders, 10/22s are accurate, tough, affordable, customizable and, most important, fun. The rifle pictured comes in stainless steel with an all-weather synthetic stock. ($295; 800-243-9700;

8 .22 STEEL ROUNDUP DUELING TREE This is the perfect way to determine who gets gunfighter braggin’ rights. Be the first to flip all your targets to your buddy’s side and make him pay up. ($45; 800-252-9247;

9 FEDERAL AUTOMATCH BULK PACK Every box of Federal’s new AutoMatch Bulk Pack is stuffed with 325 rounds of .22s optimized to run through autoloaders. Sweet. ($14; 800-322-2342;

10 HOPPE’S CRITTER TARGET Add some realism to your practice with these targets that depict life-size crows, squirrels and rabbits. ($4.12; 800-423-3537;

11 VISISHOT TARGET The VisiShot Prairie Dog visibly flakes apart when your bullet strikes home. (Kind of like the real thing.) ($8.49/10; 800-635-7656;

12 BIRCHWOOD CASEY TARGET SPOTS These peel-and-stick targets adhere to just about any surface. Flake-off design makes hits easy to see. ($4.99; 800-277-7776;

13 INVENTIVE TECHNOLOGY TARGET STAND After you pepper your targets to your satisfaction, simply pull down on the roll of paper for a fresh sheet. ($35; 800-237-4444;

14 CALDWELL SHOOTIN’ GALLERY No doubt this is one of the coolest .22 targets in all creation. The knockdown plates cycle around on a revolving chain, automatically resetting as they come up and around again. Available with targets including the classic shooting-gallery duck. ($180; 877-509-9160;

15 CHAMPION AUTO-RESET TARGET Once you flip the four bottom plates up and over, shoot the top target to reset the whole works. ($33; 800-635-7656;

16 BUTLER CREEK HOT LIPS LOADER It’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread–it’s much better. You’ll be loading your 10/22 magazines nearly as fast as you can empty them. ($33; 800-423-3537;