Whether the compensator will help you bag more squirrels is debatable. That it is very cool to look at is not. Eddie Berman
When my daughter turned three, we had “the talk.” No, not about boys. About something else that was going to have a major impact on her life in years to come: Her first gun. I asked what she wanted and her marching orders could not have been clearer. “Purple,” she said. I agonized for a while (three years, in fact) over what to build her before Tom Hines, who owns Tactical Solutions, and Pat Mundy at Leupold & Stevens came to my rescue. Tom makes exceedingly slick firearms, specializing in tricked-out Rugers, while Pat helps promote Leupold’s custom shop, which can do some amazing things to personalize optics (including color anodizing). Together they created this pimped-out (and very accurate) purple squirrel slayer from an ordinary Ruger 10/22. Assuming I’ve got enough ammo, I might even let my daughter shoot it. Eddie Berman
The scope base adds 15 MOA of elevation to the scope. Chromed components on the Warne rings are a trick touch. Eddie Berman
The best 10/22 accessory ever is this under-lever magazine release, designed by Tactical Solutions. Eddie Berman
The 16-inch fluted barrel delivers consistent 1.2-inch 5-shot groups at 100 yards with top-grade ammo. Eddie Berman
Whether the compensator will help you bag more squirrels is debatable. That it is very cool to look at is not. Eddie Berman
Most aftermarket 10/22 magazines are junk. The high-capacity magazines from Tactical Innovations are not. They’re machines from aluminum, have steel feeding lips, and are fully adjustable for a perfect fit in the magazine well. Eddie Berman

An ordinary Ruger turned pimped-out squirrel slayer. By John B. Snow