3 Reasons to Own a Metal Detector

A metal detector makes it easy to find something you dropped in the woods, a misplaced pocket knife, or anything else you might lose going to or from the field.

Metal Detector
The great thing about using a metal detector is sometimes you never know what you’re going to find.Bounty Hunter

Metal detecting can be a lifelong hobby that expands your time outdoors. It doesn’t take any special training and you can enjoy it virtually anywhere, either alone or with a group. Whether it’s your wife’s lost wedding ring at a campsite or historical artifacts in the back yard, the ability to detect a buried or partially buried item brings all kinds of rewards. Here are a few more reasons you should consider getting a detector.

The Thrill of the hunt

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
A metal detector can reveal artifacts and little treasures that were buried long ago.Bounty Hunter

America’s history is buried just beneath the surface, from Native American trade points to Civil War mini-balls and Spanish treasure, there is no end to the stories just waiting to be uncovered. Like surface-collecting arrowheads, you never know what you might find. All it takes is a metal detector and a trowel to dig into the hidden past all around us.

Getting Outdoors

Garrett AT MAX Waterproof Metal Detector
There are many inexpensive metal detectors which makes it easy to get into the hobby without breaking the bank.Garrett

Metal detecting is a great way to introduce children to the joy of being outdoors. Compared to other outdoor hobbies, purchasing metal detecting equipment is a relatively cheap, one-time investment that might even pay for itself many times over with finds that have more than just historical or personal value.

Take it Anywhere

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Adults
Some metal detectors come with adjustable settings so you can zero in on specific treasure.RM RICOMAX

Most detectors are small enough to take anywhere. Some feature single-piece construction, while others incorporate headphones to help block out distracting noises. A good model will also have a “discrimination mode” that can help you distinguish between target metals and junk.