There has been an explosion in hydration technology over the last decade, resulting in ever more advanced vessels from which to consume our favorite beverages. Vacuum insulated water bottles are the pinnacle product in the personal-hydration market, even becoming a minor status symbol in some cases. They keep liquids hot or cold, don’t sweat from condensation, and won’t transfer heat or cold to your hand. Double-walled water bottles aren’t cheap, but their advantages outweigh the nominal increase in cost. Here are three additional reasons to consider one as your next water bottle.



You’ll want to avoid plastic. YETI

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The industrial chemical bisphenol A. (BPA) has been used to make plastic products of all kinds since the 1960s. Ever since the dangers of BPAs became widely understood, water bottle manufacturers have moved away from plastics containing BPA and towards other materials, including glass and steel. Vacuum insulated water bottles made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel strike the best balance between toxin-free construction and durability.

Multiple lids

Grown-Up Sippy Cup

Grab one with a top that makes it easier to stay hydrated. HYDRO CELL

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If you are going to pay a premium price for something as mundane as a water bottle, you might as well get the most versatile one possible. Look for a bottle sold with two lids. One should be a leak-free, airtight top for maximum thermal retention, and the other should incorporate a folding straw meant for quick sips when hiking, riding, climbing, or paddling.

No Flavor Transfer

Handle Top

These do not retain flavor, so you can swap beverages, and not taste whatever was in it before. Hydro Flask

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In addition to keeping your beverage either hot or cold, a vacuum insulated water bottle made of stainless steel eliminates the transfer of flavor from one beverage to another. Your juice will taste like juice, your soda will taste soda, and water will taste like water.