4 Reasons Your Rig Needs a Backup Camera

A rear-facing camera can help you maneuver your vehicle around tricky areas and make trailer hookups a cinch

backup camera on a truck dashboard
A backup camera’s core function is to reassure you there’s nothing behind you when backing up.Auto-Vox

Until a few years ago, the only way to know what was behind your vehicle when backing up was to look back over your shoulder in conjunction with short glimpses into your side mirrors. Thanks to advances in technology, backup cameras are almost standard on new vehicles and provide a sharp view of the area behind you as you’re backing up to leave a parking space or trying to hook something to your trailer hitch. If your vehicle is older and doesn’t have a camera already built in, don’t fret. There are several aftermarket options available today that are easy to use and install. Here are a few features to consider as you shop.

Parking Spots Haven't Gotten Bigger

Furrion FOS43TASF Vision S Wireless, Waterproof
Backup cameras can make somewhat difficult tasks, like parallel parking, much easier to tackle.Furrion

Most people in the world have downsized their vehicles, but the gear that sportsmen often carry won't fit in a Smart car. You can navigate the shrinking spaces in towns and cities easier by using a camera to watch your six when you have to pull off precision maneuvers in something like a full-sized truck. After you use a camera to parallel park a long bed, you'll wonder how it did it beforehand.

You Can Use Your Phone

Calmoor License Plate Wireless Backup Camera
You can connect a smartphone to some backup cameras.Calmoor

It's an unfortunate side effect of modern society, but many people always seem to have a smartphone only inches from their fingers. That said, if you're going to be close to a smartphone, why not let it display what's behind you. Most back up cameras easily integrate with smartphones. Depending on the camera model, it may use your phone's Bluetooth or Wi-Fi functions to broadcast an image of what's right behind you, right in front of you.

Hooking Trailers Up is a Breeze

You can adjust the angle of some backup cameras, which really comes in handy when you're trying to connect something to a trailer hitch.FHD

Hooking up a boat up to your truck can be a frustrating experience if you're tackling it alone without someone giving directions from behind. However, with the help of a backup camera, you can make a connection happen on your first try, every time. Simply angle the camera so it can see your hitch ball, monitor your progress using your smartphone, and impress bystanders with your skills.

Wide Load

Furrion FOS05TASF Vision S Wireless
Relocate some cameras around trailers or campers to see what you can't see from inside your vehicle.Furrion

If you hit the road in a RV or other oversized land barge, a camera can help you take command of the road. You can relocate some camera models around the perimeter of your vehicle so you can keep an eye on things that you previously guessed at.