The basic idea of the R-15 VTR is to bring a sporting focus to the black gun market. As such, the new rifle will be offered in three configurations–the Predator, Predator Carbine and Predator Carbine CS (collapsible stock) in two calibers—the .223 and Ruger .204—and will retail for $1,145. The three platforms (all in Advantage Max-1 HD camo) will feature button-rifled, fluted barrels with recessed hunting crowns. The uppers and lowers are machined from aluminum forgings and all will carry the Remington name. The free-floating fore-end tube is drilled and tapped for accessory rails and all rifles come with a five-round magazine box and a lockable hard case.

The Predator Rifle and Predator Carbine have a fixed stock and pistol grip. The difference between the two is barrel length; the rifle has a 22-inch barrel, the carbine has an18-incher. The Predator Carbine CS will offer the same features as the carbine, but comes with a collapsible stock.

One last point. During the presentation on new ammo, Remington unveiled a .223 Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded 62-grain cartridge that delivers 14.7 inches of penetration while retaining 96 percent of its weight. The moment the slide hit the screen I heard a couple of writers murmur “deer.” The Remington spokesman didn’t say the cartridge was specifically designed for deer, but indicated that yes, it could be used for that purpose.

Something to think about.

Slaton White