hunting the rut
Tony Hansen

This is a very bad time of year to drive behind me.

I should probably have one of those signs from school buses and delivery trucks that reads: “This vehicle makes frequent stops.”

But I’d need to amend it just a bit to read: “This vehicle makes frequent, sudden, unannounced stops. And when it does stop, it may continue to roll slightly because it doesn’t want to spook the deer that are the cause of said frequent, sudden, unannounced stops. So just go on by. And don’t look left or right, and don’t even think about stopping to look yourself…”

It’s on.

I can’t believe it, but I saw it with my own eyes.

I had just hit the brakes and my truck was just settling back down onto four wheels when the buck I had spotted did the opposite, going from standing on four legs to two.

He was breeding a doe. Right there, right then. In the middle of a picked bean field at 10 in the morning.

On October freakin’ 25th.

About a mile later, the brakes light up again. This time I ended up ¾-saddle across the yellow line—in perfect observational position for the buck that was bedded down with a doe in a sparse fencerow.

I didn’t have to see the deed to know that it had been done.

The rut, my friends, seems to have made an early arrival.

I’m not saying it’s full blown. I’m not saying it’s going to get crazy out there this week. But it has begun.

Stay tuned. I’ll update a bit more later in the week with additional rut observations.

But, right now, I gotta hit the brakes. . .