The Yamaha OHV Access Initiative is a proactive, grassroots program supported by Yamaha dealers and customers nationwide, promoting safe, responsible riding and sustainable, open riding areas.

Through the OHV Access Initiative, Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., is providing GRANTs to deserving organizations to help achieve the program’s goal of Guaranteeing Responsible Access to our Nation’s Trails. Over the past two years, the OHV Access Initiative has funded several projects, led by local riding clubs and land managers, that establish sustainable trails that protect waterways and wetlands.

Yamaha recently funded the efforts of the Indian Creek Valley ATV Club out of Champion, Pennsylvania, in its effort to retrofi t its trail system to create a sustainable and, therefore, more enjoyable riding experience that would attract more members to the club. A primary concern on the Indian Creek trail was protecting the tributary that runs through the 14 miles of woodland trails. The club sought help from Yamaha to reconstruct the stream crossing, originally bridged for use by ATVs, which was damaged by Side-by-Side (SxS) use. With a lot of volunteer help and materials donated by the local businesses, the Indian Creek Valley ATV Club successfully widened and engineered four bridges to adequately support SxS vehicles. By doing so, the club was able to broaden the appeal of its trail system to exclusive SxS enthusiasts. To date, the Indian Creek Valley ATV Club membership has expanded to more than 120 members, with new applications coming in each week.

In addition to the critical bridge reconstruction, the Indian Creek Valley ATV Club used GRANT funds to make other signifi cant improvements to the trail system, including:

  • Gravel the club’s parking area and perform maintenance on the storage trailer
  • Create and install new directional signs along the trails
  • Host two open houses to showcase the retrofi tted trail system to the wide array of OHV users in and around Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

With the additional membership revenue and the continuing support of the OHV Access Initiative, the club has been able to secure an additional 16 miles of trails–bringing the total to more than 30 miles–which is expected to be open for riding by the end of the year. The Indian Creek Valley ATV Club is just one example of a local riding group taking a responsible approach to motorized recreation that improves the riding experience for everyone. If your club is interested in taking on a project that would benefi t the OHV community in your area, we’d like to help. Some of the types of projects funded by Yamaha OHV Access Initiative GRANTs include, but are not limited to:

  • Trail development, restoration and maintenance
  • Trail signage and map production
  • Staging area construction, renovation and maintenance
  • Land stewardship and education
  • Responsible OHV riding education and outreach
  • Legislative lobbying efforts

To learn more about the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative and to download the application form, please visit You can also reach us through the dedicated OHV Access Initiative hotline at 877-OHV-TRAIL (877-648-8724), or email .

RIDING TIP: Watch out for, and be considerate of, others in the area, including private property owners, hunters, hikers, campers, horseback riders and other off-road vehicle riders. Use up-to-date local travel and trail maps to assure you only ride in permitted areas and on designated open trails.