The sunglasses market is vast, there are literally thousands of brands each offering tens, if not hundreds of different designs. So how do you pick through the chaff to find a truly great pair?

Well, first you need to work out exactly what you are looking for in your next pair of shades. Are you looking for a hardy pair for use on the trails? Or for something more suited to keeping down the glare as you sip espresso on a Parisian street corner? Your own use case should be a determining factor in your choice of eyewear.

When picking your next pair, consider these points.

  • UV Protection: Always check the UV protection level of the lenses when looking for a new pair. Glasses with 100% UV400 protection will provide the maximum level of protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Polarisation: Polarized lenses block out horizontal waves of light. This is very effective for reducing glare, like from the bonnet of your car when driving, or even from the surface of water when fishing. However, polarized lenses are often more expensive than their non-polarized counterparts.
  • Lens size: If you are particularly worried about glare, such as when skiing, then sports glasses that completely enclose the eyes are a must. Though you may not need to worry so much if you are looking for a fashion accessory rather than a piece of sporting equipment.
  • Style vs Fit: A pair of aviators might look great if you are relaxing between F-16 sorties, but they probably won’t stay on your face for long when you’re reeling in that next monster salmon on the Tay. It is all about finding balance. Look for something that suits your style, and your sport.

Our Top Picks for the Best Men’s Sunglasses Available On Amazon

Top Pick: PUKCLAR Polarised Sports Sunglasses for Men Women Running Cycling Fishing Driving Golf Tr 90 Unbreakable Frame

Rugged Protection

100% UV400 protection and a durable design makes these the perfect pair for the action orientated. The thickened polycarbonate lenses and strong temples ensure these shades will endure the toughest punishment. PUKCLAR

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Runner Up: Ray-Ban Rb4165 Justin Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

Vintage Stylings

The classic look of these shades ensures you will look your best no matter your activity. The glasses come with a protective case too, to ensure your lenses stay clean and scratch free when travelling. Ray-Ban

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Budget Pick: GQUEEN Polarised Sunglasses for Men Women Retro Sunglasses Man for Driving Fishing Sports MO90

Lightweight Pick: Duco Men’s Driving Sunglasses Polarized Glasses Sports Eyewear Fishing Golf Goggles 8177S

Contemporary Classic

The half rim design of these shades gives them a modern feel. Despite their minimalistic look they are still packed with features like full 400UV protection and glare reduction, making them ideal for adventurers who like to pack light. Duco

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