Whether you spend your days on city streets, suburban sidewalks, or country trails, a pair of the best rain boots for women is a worthwhile addition to your shoe rack. Choices abound, so we did the digging on what you need to know to choose the right pair for you, whether you’re looking to invest in a long-lasting pair or just make it through the season without soggy feet.

  • Consider the Footbed and Lining: Be honest with yourself about whether you’re always going to wear socks in the summer, and consider your rain boots (and their size) accordingly. Some interiors can handle sockless feet fine, so long as you’re not walking blister-inducing distances. Weather also matters here, as lining and footbed materials can be insulating. There’s no one right answer, only what’s right for you.
  • Consider the Traction: We will shout it from the mountaintops at every chance: Traction is an absolutely essential factor in choosing rain boots. Look for a lug sole for stability with a coating or texture to stop you from slipping. 
  • Consider the Size and Fit: When too loose, boots are both a literal drag to walk in and are prone to causing blisters. Particularly in the summer, when you won’t be bundling up in thick socks or pants, you want to make sure you can walk comfortably (you shouldn’t have to grip or flex with your toes, nor should the boots flop around). That said, remember that rubber and other rain boot materials will not stretch over time, so a too-snug foot or ankle will be that way for life, and that will only cause pain.

Our Picks for the Best Rain Boots for Women on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Hunter Women’s Original Short Rain Boot

Handcrafted Weather Protection

A calf-height version of their classic wellies, these are built to last — by hand, from natural rubber that’s then vulcanized. You’re paying for quality, but they earn the investment. HUNTER

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Runner Up: Crocs Women’s Jaunt Shorty Boot

Super Lightweight

If you want to feel like you’re barefoot in the rain without actually getting your feet wet, the cushiony, ultra-lightweight (and proprietary) Croslite material used here will do the trick. Crocs

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Budget Pick: Asgard Women’s Ankle Rain Boots Waterproof Chelsea Boots

Trendy and Wallet Friendly

A grippy sole, matte finish, and sleek, classic profile makes this pair a good bet, especially considering the color options and low price.

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Also Great: UGG Women’s Chevonne Ankle Boot

Neoprene Dream

A riff on the Chelsea design, these feature a neoprene ankle shaft for a soft waterproof touch. To keep your toes cozy inside, the insole is made from sheepskin. UGG

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