The Stalwart Portable Hammock is 40 percent off today

Relaxing doesn't have to be difficult anymore

Life is stressful at times, we all know that and would likely agree. Every now and then, a good lounge session is in order, but life often makes that a little difficult. Whether you’re traveling or just not home, it gets complicated to find a good spot to just relax and unwind a bit. With the Stalwart Portable Hammock With Frame Stand and Carrying Bag, you’ll be able to take this awesome hammock with you and relax at will.

This is obviously no ordinary hammock, given that’s it’s portable. However, it’s a pretty big deal to note that trees are not required to hang this hammock up and lay back to relax a bit. Equipped with a folding aluminum frame and including a convenient carrying bag, you’ll be able to set up anywhere with very little effort required. When all packed up, this hammock weighs just under 21 pounds and supports weights up to 250 pounds. With just under 6 feet of actual laying area, there’s plenty of room to stretch out a bit and get comfortable.

Grab a Stalwart Portable Hammock With Frame Stand and Carrying Bag today and really upgrade your relaxation time anywhere. Right now they’re on sale for 40 percent off, with a sale price of only $65.