Not every trip afield requires toting a full-size cooler into the woods. Sometimes you just need a few hours of refrigerated storage to keep a sandwich, beverage, or munchies from spoiling. A small “six-pack” cooler is the perfect solution, great for stashing in a canoe or in the bow of a kayak for a half day paddle or evening session after work. Here are a few styles to choose from.

Dual Compartment

A well-insulated lunchbox will keep cold meals cold and hot meals hot for extended periods of time. MIER

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Whether you are trying to keep beverages cold on a job site or meals hot in the ice-fishing shack, insulation is insulation. A lunch box with separate compartments can do both at the same time, keeping your drinks cool and your meals at serving temperature all in the same place.


If you really want to keep your beverages or snacks cold, freeze the entire lunchbox the night before you pack it. PackIt

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Ice is the best cooling source, but it melts and gets sloppy. Freezer blocks are convenient, but they don’t stay cold as long as ice. So, how about freezing the entire cooler? Just fold it up and pop it in the freezer overnight, and the walls of the cooler itself will keep your food or drinks cool for hours.

Traditional Styles

A lunchbox with zippered compartments makes it easier to carry things like silverware, napkins, or a separate snack you want to enjoy later. Carhartt

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A canvas lunch box looks less like something a school kid would carry and more like what you’ve find on a job site. Zippered compartments on the side or front make it easy to stash silverware, maps, fire-starting material, or whatever you need for a day in the field.