Ultra-Realistic Turkey Decoys for Your Next Outing

Trick the boss gobbler.

Two hunters walking down a country road.
Almost the real deal.Andras Vas via Unsplash

Whether you’re out in the open plains of the West or the fertile farm ground of the Heartland, a quality turkey decoy can help bring more gobblers into range. Here are a few of our favorites.

Avian-X LCD 1/2 Strut Jake Turkey Decoy
An ultra-realistic option for challenging longbeards.Avian-X

During certain times of the spring season, challenging gobblers with a jake decoy can pay off big. This super-realistic half-strut jake from Avian-X mimics the gobbler-enticing pose of an aggressive jake. The decoy is collapsible and easily deployed using the included stake.

Montana Decoy Miss Purr-FECT
Super-portable and easy to transport hen decoyMontana Decoy

A space-saving, weight-trimming decoy option, the Miss Purr-FECT is a fully collapsible hen decoy that features a photo-realistic image printed on the decoy’s fabric. The springform body allows the decoy to be packed into a palm-sized package that weighs less than a pound.

Primos Gobstopper Jake & Hen Decoy Combo
Versatile decoy duo for the full spring season.Primos

Some situations call for a single hen. Others lend themselves to the challenge of a rowdy jake trying to get in good with a local lady. The Gobbstopper combo includes a hen and jake duo that’s ready for any situation. The hen can be used in three positions and both decoys are fully collapsible for easy transport.

Dave Smith Decoys Leading Hen
Incredible realism to trick wary gobblers.Dave Smith Decoys

When dealing with ultra-wary, pressured gobblers realism matters and the Dave Smith Decoys Leading Hen is incredibly realistic. The decoy is anatomically correct with intricate feather detail and is made from self-healing A.C.E. material which can sustain a shotgun blast with minimal visible damage.