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The hunting and fishing world may not be the first place one looks for fashion advice, but the oldest question in men’s apparel is just as relevant in the outdoors as it is on the job or in school. Are you a boxers or briefs kind of guy? Like Ford versus Chevy, or DeWalt versus Makita, the answer basically comes down to personal preference. But regardless of style, your most intimate apparel should have the same properties as any other base layer. So, ditch the “tighty-whities” and cotton boxers and complete your layering system with underwear worthy of the world-class athlete that you are. Here’s what to look for in a quality sport brief.




Just like “there ain’t no good chain gangs,” there aren’t any easy elk or pushover 10-pointers, either. Hunting is hard, physical labor, and your undergarments need to breathe just as well as any other layer. Fortunately, breathability and moisture wicking are usually found in the same, uh, package. Underwear made from blends of polyester, Spandex, and Lycra will do the best job of keeping you cool and dry.

Four-Way Stretch

New Balance


Hiking the backcountry or climbing into tree stands requires maximum mobility. Look for a brief with four-way stretch to keep vital components in place while also allowing you the range of motion needed to get wherever the trail leads.




Cotton holds moisture, and moisture leads to chaffing, rashes, itchiness and sundry other malfunctions that can hamper a hunt. Lightweight, synthetic fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin, dry quickly, and resist bacterial growth are a superior choice for athletic outdoor activity.