In an age where we can receive virtually anything in a box by mail, why should an extra garage be any different? That’s right, if you are short on storage space but don’t want to build a framed shed to protect a recreational vehicle, truck, lawn equipment, ATV, or other vulnerable gear, a mail-order canvas shed may be just the right solution. They can be used for anything from a pavilion for outdoor gatherings to a temporary livestock shelter and are more affordable and easier to erect than a hard-walled or Quonset hut. Here are a few features to consider.

Multipurpose Cover

It weighs more than similar models, which makes it more stable, safe and unshakable when high winds are blowing. Abba Patio

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The most economical shed covers are made of polyethylene, which is basically utility tarp material. That means it is not puncture proof or invulnerable to deterioration from the sun’s UV rays. But a polyethylene material with rip-stop construction and some sort of UV-protective coating will ensure you get the longest life possible out of the shelter.

Power Support

This one’s material makes for a stronger frame than the aluminum alternative. Quictent

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Aluminum is inherently strong for its weight and mass, making it ideal for structures such as tents and outdoor storage. But a canvas shed with powder-coated steel members will be stronger and last longer. Be sure you have a quality cordless drill and metal bits on hand during the set-up.

Detachable Doors

Windows let in natural light and makes it less likely you’ll need to run electricity. Abba Patio

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Removable side panels and/or windows increase the shed’s versatility. Raise or remove the side panels for outdoor gatherings and parties or use the natural light of windows for construction projects, woodworking, or boat building.