While a traditional ice hut built from scratch is certainly a luxury, it’s not necessary in order to enjoy some deep-winter angling adventure. Modern pop-up shelters offer all the room and comfort you need to drop a line, store gear, break for meals, and stay out of the elements while chasing cold-weather pike, perch, and trout. If you are just getting into ice fishing, before heading to the hardware store and breaking out the tools to build your own custom ice palace, consider the advantages of a well-designed portable icehouse.

Self-Tapping Ice Anchors

This ones easy to secure in place and stays put. Eskimo

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Like geodesic tents and collapsible camp chairs, a pop-up ice tent makes it super easy to erect a comfortable shelter in minutes. They can be warmed with a portable heater just like any structure, while ice anchors and guy lines increase stability under high winds and snow loads.

All the Amenities

This one features an all-metal ball-and-socket design, larger fiberglass poles and mesh storage pockets. Eskimo

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There’s no need for an icehouse to be overly spacious. More room is just more air to get cold in. Look for a portable ice shelter with roughly 10 to 15 square feet of fishable space per angler. That will give you enough elbow room to work and still keep the packable load to a minimum size and weight.

Blackout Coating

Light gets in only if you want it to. Eskimo

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Black paint or fabric on the interior of the ice hut makes it easier to see what’s going on down in the honey hole. And a small array of pouches, pockets, and windows allows you to store gear, keep an eye on your rod, and let in light or fresh air whenever you want.