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It doesn’t take much to get kids interested archery. In most cases, they just need a suitable bow in their hands, a bit of safety and aiming instruction, and the room to exercise their energy and imagination. Depending on a child’s age, you can start them off with the tried-and-true suction-cup arrows or with a genuine bow capable of sinking field tips into a real target at five to ten yards. Wherever they start, be sure to emphasize safety first as you introduce them to the joys of a lifetime sport.

A Bow Like Dad’s

Genesis Bows

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A youth compound bow in the 10- to 20-pound draw weight can accommodate a wide range of draw lengths. That is, the bow can grow with a beginning archer for several years before needing to upgrade.

The Toy Bow


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For the youngest archers, a toy bow with suction-tipped arrows is a great way to promote safety awareness, eye-hand coordination, and an appreciation for practicing any skill. The hours spent plinking with such a toy can instill a love of archery that lasts a lifetime.

Traditional Spirit

Adventure Awaits!

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Traditional wooden bows summon the sense of adventure in children. An appreciation for the graceful shape of a recurve or longbow is intuitive in people of all ages and instills the urge to brace an arrow and let one fly.