A well-loved, heavy-duty flannel shirt is that one item in the closet that you’ll reach for time and again. The soft feel of brushed cotton provides the most comfortable warmth, and the generous cut of most flannel shirts helps you stay active for hours. And modern apparel makers have updated flannel shirt fabrics and designs to keep them current with the times. Many of these shirts can travel from the backyard to the corner bar, with snazzy patterns and fashionable design touches. Here’s your guide to best new twists on a timeless favorite.

Go-To Favorite

With a corduroy-lined collar and matching cuffs, this beefy top goes from the outdoors to the neighborhood bar with ease. Amazon

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You’ll likely wear a favorite flannel shirt three seasons in the year, so consider investing in a top-notch design with buttoned pockets, adjustable cuffs, and a fit made for active wear.

Cut for Comfort

It has two secure pockets and a spread collar, and the 8-ounce fabric is the perfect weight for all-day wear. Amazon

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When choosing a flannel shirt, be aware that they are made in a wide variety of materials. A 100 percent cotton shirt is best for durability and breathability, and take a close look at the weight of the flannel. A lighter flannel shirt is great for indoor wear. But for active outdoor use, consider a shirt made of 10-ounce flannel or heavier.

Comfort Out of the Box

Yarn-dyed cotton fabric and extra touches at the collar and cuffs add a touch of class. Amazon

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Flannel shirts are often worn when mobility is at a premium—hiking and playing outdoors, working in the yard, maybe chopping firewood for the home woodstove. Look for pleated backs and a generous cut in the sleeves so you won’t bind while working, or playing, hard.