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Every ounce counts when you head into the backcountry with your world on your back. But hunting and fishing can be rough on gear, so there’s a premium on durability, too. These products all strike the right balance, preparing you for anything out there.–Andrew McKean

1 REI Sub-Alpine UL Tent Though it weighs just over 5 pounds, the 2-person Sub-Alpine can take some weather. Its three-pole design stands up to stiff wind and its modified dome provides headroom and a vestibule for gear, important considerations when you’re stuck in a prolonged back-country storm. ($239; 800-426-4840;

2 Brunton Glorb Lantern With no messy fuel to spill or ignite, the Glorb’s brilliant light comes from LED bulbs powered by four AA batteries. Normal power provides plenty of light for reading in a tent. Switch to high for an intense white, almost celestial light. The Glorb weighs 4 ounces and runs for 250 hours. ($30; 800-443-4871;

3 REI Snow Peak Mini Titanium Solo Cookset Titanium isn’t just for the space program anymore. This entire three-piece cookset weighs a mere 5 1/2 ounces and is strong enough to pound tent stakes. The bigger pot holds 28 fluid ounces–enough to cook a back-country supper when the Dutch oven is left in camp. ($35; 800-426-4840;

4 Eberlestock Skycrane Backpack The limit to this pack is probably the back that’s carrying it. The 6-pound 4-ounce Skycrane features quick-draw bow and rifle scabbards and the capability to carry a strapless hard case plus a multitude of meat and gear duffels. It enlarges from 2,600 cubic inches to a sciatica-inducing 5,100. (From $279; 877-866-3047;

5 Cabela’s XPG Backpacker Sleeping Bag Lightweight and durable, Cabela’s entry into the backpacking bag field should turn heads, even as it keeps them warm. The XPG features details such as a zipper baffle, a pillow nook and a zippered pocket. The 0-degree model weighs 4 pounds 11 ounces and is a bargain at $120. (800-237-4444;

6 MSR DromLite Water Bag I abused this lightweight bag but could not make it rupture, leak or even look worn. Made of tough, 200-denier Cordura nylon, the DromLite is lined with food-grade polyurethane to eliminate taste transfer. The 2-liter model weighs just 3.1 ounces. Available in 2-, 4- and 6-liter bags. (From $18; 800-531-9531;

7 ACR Electronics Terrafix 406 GPS/Personal Locator Beacon Risk is an option anywhere in the world with the Terrafix, which transmits your location to rescuers via satellite with the push of a button. At 1 pound, it’s the smallest and lightest beacon on the market. Run time: 5 years. ($600; 954-981-3333;

8 Coleman Exponent F1 Stove The Exponent F1 PowerBoost, which weighs just 4.5 ounces without the fuel canister, adjusts from a roaring boil to a gentle simmer. ($50; 800-835-3278;