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BOLLÉ BETA The first thing we noticed about Bolle’s Beta sunglasses was their lack of hinges. Instead, a titanium wire embedded in the nylon frame allows the temples to bend. The frame is lined with rubber, for extra comfort, and the hingeless design keeps the glasses snug and in place when the lake turns rough. They’re so lightweight (17.46 grams), you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. ($209; 800-423-3537;

OCEAN WAVES ATLANTIC BEACH 2 A unique antireflective-coating process offers 100 percent polarization and protection from A, B and C ultraviolet light. Trick frame vents minimize the fogging that always seems to occur when you’re navigating difficult water. Soft-rubber temple tips enhance comfort, and interlocking hinges stand up to the harshest conditions. These first-rate specs are made with an incredible attention to detail. ($189; 800-495-9283;

MAUI JIM OFFSHORE A large wraparound design, with separate side lenses, makes these glasses both comfortable and practical. The side lenses allow for excellent peripheral vision, a valuable asset when you’re searching the shallows for fish. The lightweight polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant and feature a multilayer design that eliminates glare and boosts color transmission. A proprietary hard-coated finish provides excellent scratch resistance on the lenses’ surfaces. ($169; 888-628-4546;

PANOPTX SIROCCO CV A removable eyecup on the Sirocco CVs completely seals the area around the eyes to block wind, dust and spray. If you wear contacts, you’ll appreciate this when you’re blasting across water in a high-powered boat. Polarized photochromic lenses adapt to changing light conditions, and a hard waterproof coating sheds water quickly. ($250; 925-484-0292;

SERENGETI NUVOLA This sleek offering has racy styling and features the Polar Max polycarbonate photochromic lens. A special process encapsulates the photochromic material in the lens so it can’t be scratched off, making these great glasses for people who are rough on their gear. You’ll also like the “meglo” nose pads and temple tips on days when sweat challenges your glasses’ ability to stay put. ($160; 800-423-3537;