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For most suburbanites, hitting a single careless whitetail as it crosses the road can be a traumatic experience. But for one Wyoming mine worker, a nighttime drive home turned into a roadside bloodbath when his truck plowed into a herd of antelope bedded like bowling pins on an icy roadway. The accident, which occurred near the town of Green River, claimed the lives of 17 antelope. More disturbing is the fact that the enormous accident didn’t even set a state record.

• Seventeen antelope were killed in a single accident in the southwestern part of the state two years earlier, also after being struck by a vehicle.

• Another tragic accident near Bairoil killed 17 antelope in 1970. (Note to antelope in Wyoming: Whatever you do, don’t hang out in groups of 17!)

• In 2003, a train-antelope collision claimed 41 antelope near Granger.