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Bowfishing is on the rebound, and the evolution in equipment certainly has a lot to do with that. Today’s modern rigs are fast, accurate, simple, user-friendly and seriously fun.

BROWNING BARRACUDA COMPOUND BOW At a short 32 inches, this bow gives you plenty of room to maneuver in the boat or while wading to make the shot. Can be “snap-shot” just like a recurve or triggered with a mechanical release. ($190; 520-838-2000;

AMS 310R STANDARD RETRIEVER The 310 is shootable without the need to disengage the reel. Its simple, no-bail design makes this reel foolproof. The reel’s fast line retrieve makes for quick shooting. ($67; 888-541-7657;

AMS BOW FISHING WAVE REST This well-built rest reduces arrow friction, holds your arrow in place and provides great stability. The deep pocket around the roller makes swing-shooting a breeze. ($22; 888-541-7657;

AMS 5/16-INCH SOLID ARROW WITH AMS SAFETY SLIDE SYSTEM STING-A-REE POINT These arrows are easily removed from fish. The mechanical barbs release with just a quick twist of the arrow shaft. ($13; 888-541-7657;

TRU-FIRE HURRICANE RELEASE WITH EVOLUTION BUCKLE Quick string hookups and ease of operation make this release especially suited for the bowfisherman.

Buckle system keeps the release from accidentally slipping off your wrist and into the drink. ($55; 920-923-6866;