You know you need to practice with your bow. No one should hunt without sufficient time at the range with firearm or archery equipment. But maybe you’re less sure what targets you should be using. Check out this list for the best options in paper, 3D, field points and broadheads so you’re ready for opening day.

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Why practice with something other than what you’ll use in the field? If you’re someone who wants to know you’re on every time with the exact equipment you’ll use in the fall, check out this target. It is cube shaped, giving you targets at various angles and heights. It’s lightweight with an easy carrying handle. And most importantly, it has self-healing foam making it tough enough for broadheads, field points and even expandables.

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Use this target and don’t plan to need another one anytime soon. The durable bag is made in the USA and can handle thousands of shots from field points. It’s designed for easy arrow removal and has different pictures on all sides to keep you engaged. It’s also approved for high-speed crossbows and compound bows.

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Why shoot at a square target when you can practice on a simulation of the real thing? This life-size target has the body of a 250-pound whitetail deer and stands 36 inches high at the shoulder and 60 inches at the top. Arrows are easy to remove and a 4-sided replaceable insert core extends the life of the target. It’s also made in the USA.

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When all you really need is a series of circle targets, buy what’s easy. These paper targets come in packs of eight, 20, 50, and even 200. Each page has three circular targets on it in blue, red, and yellow. The 40 cm targets are printed on 7 pt archery paper to limit the hole size and ensure longer-lasting targets.