Three Factors in Choosing a Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

Here’s how to choose a convenient bottle holder for your bike.

Guy on a bicycle
When you’re pedaling hard, you don’t want to have to pause to search for your water bottle.Unsplash/Guillaume Techer

We’re not talking stroller cup holders here. You might need something to hold your Starbucks when you’re shopping or to clip on the stroller when you take little Wesley for a spin about the ‘hood, but you don’t need a 360-degree rotating holder on your bike. You DO need a bottle cage that’s lightweight, accessible and grips your bottle. Consider these factors when choosing one for you.

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This popular bike bottle cage weighs only 2.1 ounces and is made with an aluminum alloy.USHAKE

The best bike bottle cages are made of weight-saving carbon fiber or aluminum. Some are made of hard plastic or nylon. Lightweight and durable is key to maintaining speed and not feeling weighed down by your bottle.

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Easy to Use

This cage is designed to be mounted in pre-existing bike frame locations, or custom-mounted with Velcro straps or zip-ties.50 Strong

Your water bottle needs to be mounted so it’s easily accessible when riding, and so it doesn’t interfere with your legs while pedaling. Mounting location will vary depending on the type of bike used. Some bikes come with mounting hardware pre-installed.

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Good for Trails

This cage is designed for a secure grip.PRO BIKE TOO

Water bottles are useless when they’re a half mile back down the trail. The best bike cages grip the bottle securely, preventing bottle loss, particularly important when biking rough terrain.