Your bike togs shed the wind slicker than teflon. Your helmet is streamlined. Your bike itself is the latest aerodynamic design. So how do you carry your belongings without wrecking the whole effect? Clearly, a saddlebag isn’t going to cut it. There are a number of stow bag options that are small and won’t appreciably affect your performance. Consider the size you need, security and convenience in choosing a stow bag for your bike.

Compact Size

This angled option an aerodynamic 10 inches on the sides and 2 inches wide. Aduro Sport

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Storage bags or pouches come in different sizes. Look for the capacity to store the things you usually carry when biking—cell phone, keys, bike lock, repair kit, etc. Waterproof fabric is a plus, as are easy-access double zippers.

Secure Attachment

This bag is firmly held to the bike frame with three Velcro straps. Opamoo

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Bikes take a beating even on roads, and the last thing you need is to get back to the parking lot to discover your stow bag—car keys and all inside—fell off somewhere back down the trail. Look for storage bags that feature secure attachments to your bike.

Attachment Location

This option conveniently straps on under your seat. BV

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Stow bags are designed to fit specific locations on your bike. If you’ll need access to what’s in your bag while riding you’ll want a stow bag mounted within easy reach. You’ll also want it mounted where it won’t interfere with pedaling or normal bike movements.