The only thing better than sitting under the stars is rocking under the stars. Rocking motions release endorphins and stimulate the part of the inner ear that regulate balance. Science aside, rocking just feels good.

The whole point of a rocking chair is to lighten your burdens, not add to them, so make sure the one you get is right for you. You need a chair that supports your weight, and a back that’s the right height for your comfort. The chair also has to pack and carry conveniently, too, and it shouldn’t weigh you down. Here are three ways to elevate your camp comfort to the next level.

Best Seat in the House—or Out of It

It collapses quickly to fold flat in your trunk, and opens with the pull of a handle. GCI Outdoor

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Seat back height matters for comfort. If you like to lean back, look for a chair with a back high enough to serve as a headrest. If you don’t mind a lower chair back, you can buy a shorter, lighter, more compact chair.

Sling Style Comfort

It’s lightweight and has a stable, spring-action base. GCI Outdoor

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Chairs that fold down into carry bags are a plus if you have to tote your chair on foot. If you can drive right up to your campsite, a chair that simply folds flat is quicker to set up and take down.

Extra Strong, Traditional Design

Made to keep big folks happy, it has a mesh panel to help it breathe PORTAL

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Be sure any chair you choose is rated for your weight. Most camping rockers support people up to 250 pounds, but stronger chairs are available. Be sure, too, that the seat is the right height for you. Low seats can be difficult to get out of, but a seat that’s too high can leave your feet hanging off the ground.