Chainsaws are dangerous but necessary tools. Handling a machine that can easily cut down a ponderosa the width of a barrel should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from the most common dangers associated with chainsaws. We narrowed down four products sure to keep you safe so you can quickly finish this job and head onto the next.

Listen while you work. Amazon

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Those foam ear plugs are fine, but if you’re going to be sawing all day, you should consider an upgrade. These headphones not only have 24 dB of noise reduction, they also will play your music. In fact, they have blue tooth to connect to your phone or other music-playing system allowing you to stay entertained while working. An integrated microphone also allows you to make and receive phone calls through the headphones.

Careful of those wood chips. Amazon

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When it comes to keeping your legs safe, these pants aren’t messing around. Their 1000 denier polyester is coated with PVC with protective payers of Tek. They meet OSHA regulations and are UI certified. They’re also adjustable all over making for a perfect, safe fit.

Cover your most vulnerable areas. Amazon

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The majority of our most sensitive areas are on our heads. Your eyes, ears, mouth and nose are all critical to everyday function but fragile. Buy gear that keeps them safe. This helmet will shelter your ears and face while also allowing cool air to flow through. It fits well even when working in overhead positions, and each piece is adjusted to prevent snagging. If you don’t need a shield and ear muffs, just take them off.

Don’t just wear sunglasses. Amazon

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You may think that sunglasses or even safety glasses are sufficient for chainsaw work. They’re not. Consider these goggles made with anti-fog steel mesh that allow you to see through. They’re specially designed to protect you from wood chips and other fast-moving particles that could pierce or break a weaker material. For extra security, pair them with a face shield.