There are tons of times when you need a quick, hot sear—to melt cut cords so the ends don’t fray, to knock back weeds around the hunting camp and even to put a tasty crunchy sear on a good steak. There are lots of propane torches that can do a pretty good job at multiple tasks, but some propane torches for home and camp use are specifically designed for tough outdoor chores. If you purchase a torch for general use, you’ll want a burner head with a wide range of settings so you can dial in the heat to the job at hand. And make sure it fits readily available propane tanks so you don’t run out of gas in the middle of the job. Here are three propane torches that will bring the heat.

Long Reach

This product is compatible with standard cylinders from 5 to 100 pounds, and has a half-million BTU output. Flame King

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A handy weed burner will make quick work of clearing weeds around buildings and driveways. Look for a long hose to give you plenty of working room without having to move the tank too often—and look for models that offer a long flame to reach corners and crevices in a jiffy.

Works for Brazing and Welding

A handy run-lock button allows the torch to stay lit for continuous use. Bernzomatic

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A small handheld torch fueled by a propane cylinder has a world of workshop uses. They’re perfect for starting small fires, melting the ends of nylon ropes and web strapping, and you can even put the final finish on processing game birds by searing off pin feathers. Look for a quick auto start function so you can grab it and apply flame almost instantly.

Evenly Spreads Heat

This product puts a sizzling finish on meat with the mess of using a cast iron pan. Booker & Dax

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Outdoor cooks have a secret weapon: a radiant heat propane torch that provides a perfect sear to steaks, sous vide recipes and slow smoked meats. By spreading the heat of a propane torch over a wider surface area, it’s a snap to produce that professional-kitchen crunchy sear on meats and vegetables. Universal attachments can connect to many hand-held propane torches, and works great for reheating pizza, as well.