High-quality sunglasses for long days out on the water

Keep an eye on the fish.

Sunglasses aren’t just for protecting your eyes. Sure, that’s the primary feature, but for anglers, sunglasses are a tool for seeing more fish. Don’t buy gas station glasses and expect to spot as many brook trout in a stream or bonefish in the flats. If you’re not sure what’s best for you, we narrowed down four good options for you and your family.

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It’s hard to say enough good things about these sunglasses. They’re perfect for nearly any fishing situation. The polarized, anti-reflective and hydroleophobic lenses keep your eyes safe and maximize visuals on fish. The rectangular frames fit most faces. They come in many colors. There’s a reason Smith calls them their Guide Choice glasses.

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If you’re fishing in the ocean, buy these glasses. Their polarized lenses will help you see fish. Their 580 Glass is scratch-proof and offers 100 percent UV protection. The blue mirror lens is great for full-sun settings on and offshore. The nylon frame material is tough and durable. The best part is, every pair of Costa glasses include a lifetime warranty.

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These glasses may look good, but don’t let their style fool you. The lenses are polarized and reflect glare from the water. They are 20 percent thinner than most glasses. The lens coating is scratch resistant. Look good on and off the water.

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No, you shouldn’t break the bank on pricey glasses for kids—knowing at best they’ll be outgrown and at worst they’ll fall in the water or be left at the lake. That’s why these are perfect. They’re affordable but also lightweight and versatile. The polarized lenses will help your kid see fish in the water and eliminate reflection. The frame is soft silicon and virtually unbreakable, protecting the glasses and your child’s face.