Top-Notch Treestands for Comfortable and Stable Elevation

Take it to higher ground.

Hunter in the outdoors.
Clear views.Paul Gilmore via Unsplash

There’s just something special about seeing the woods from an elevated position. And there’s plenty of advantage in that lofty perch as well. There’s no shortage of treestand options available, and we’ve spent hours of time on stand to help us pick the best of the best.

XOP Vanish Evolution
Built for the mobile setup.Amazon

If mobility is what you’re looking for in a treestand, the Vanish Evolution is your stand. Weighing in at just under 11 pounds, the Evolution is easy to carry and its cast aluminum construction is quiet and stable. The padded seat cushion is comfortable and the platform is adjustable to fit varying tree angles.

Summit Featherweight Switch
Roomy, comfortable, and portable option.Amazon

With a generous 28-inch-by-23-inch platform, this all-aluminum option is roomy and stable. The Featherweight Switch can adjust to crooked tree trunks thanks to the adjustable platform and the comfortable seat features nearly three inches of padding. The stand weighs 17 pounds.

Lone Wolf Assault II
Time-tested cast aluminum design.Amazon

Weighing in at about 12 pounds, this sleek stand is ideal for those who love to be mobile in the woods. The Assualt II’s cast aluminum platform is fully adjustable and features an integrated bow-holder. The cinch-strap attachment is quick and silent.

Millenium M50
Super-comfortable and easy to hang.Amazon

The M50 features Millenium’s revered zero-gravity seat design that provides true all-day comfort. The roomy platform measures 24 by 30 inches and features a leveling system. The CamLock receiver makes for quick and secure setups in a variety of trees. The stand is made of powder-coated steel and weighs in at 20 pounds.