Cold hands make any winter outing miserable. Mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves because your fingers are together where they can warm one another and work together to heat the air pocket around them. Also, mittens have less surface area and fewer seams than gloves, giving heat fewer places to escape. Wet hands are cold hands, so warmest mittens are either waterproof or retain warmth when wet. Here’s a look at some of the best men’s mittens out there.

Best of Both

Flip back the flap and you can text, tie shoes, zip zippers, pull a trigger or tie a knot without exposing your palms or wrists to the chill. Pull it back up and your hand is back in a knit cocoon. ViGrace

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Proper sizing matters. Mittens that are too big won’t keep your hands warm efficiently and they make even simple tasks like holding a ski pole difficult. If they’re too tight they restrict movement. The inside tip of the mitten should extend about a quarter of an inch past the end of your outstretched fingers.

Triple Warmth

Fully outfitted for the cold, this pair has an outer pocket to hold a heat packet, a waterproof membrane, and plenty of insulation. Touch-screen compatible liner gloves let you use your phone. Burton

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Disposable handwarmers can help keep fingers warm on cold days. The packets can reach temperatures of 135 degrees which is hot enough to burn bare skin, so only use them in mittens with special handwarmer compartments.

Lined Comfort

The thick fleece liner and leather exterior give these a classic look and provide extreme warmth. North Star

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In extreme cold, wear a thin glove liner underneath your mittens. The liner provides an extra layer of insulation. It will keep your hands warmer, too, if you have to take a mitten off for a moment to perform a task that requires using your fingers.